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Raisa Products

Shades with Royal Collection

Rissala Laminates


Shine collection encompasses various shades and textures to give a rich outlook that appeals Quality that Shine, Royal Style & Colour you Dream World.

Rissala Laminates


Raisa royal collection rewards you with the tempo of times, it is a multipurpose collection suited and designed to reflect qualities in designes and style.

Rissala Laminates


Raisa spider collection offers a bolder outlook, with its unconventional and unique designes that blends harmoniously with your designes to create a remarkable and charming interior or exterior.

About Us

'Raisa' Laminates is a new venture of Rissala Decor Pvt Ltd. The brand offers world class finest high pressure and compact Luxury laminates. Raisa was started in 2012 in Behor, Rajasthan. Raisa laminate is a resilient, flexible product that has unlimited potential. Raisa not only reinvented the way laminates looked, but also the way to make Luxury laminates having given the laminate a complete makeover with finishes and colours like never before.

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What Raisa Offers

Luxurious Laminates


Raisa forever endevoures to make a green world, with this as its benchmark, Brand Raisa is a go green company providing the very best to its consumers but not at the cost of our environment. We employ high enviourment saftey standards.


Raisa is a reletively new venture of the brand Rissala, which exceles in luxuary lifestyle Sport and Hospitality. Our commitment to the highest standards in manufacturing process has won us certifications including ISO 9001 (ECA), ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 & Global Quality Accreditation Services, United Kingdom.


Raisa offers a visual and aesthetic collection encompassing a wide varitey of shades and themes which are luxurious, rich and selected to suit every spectrum of designes.


Raisa has establised a extensive distibutor network nationally, and also exports its products internationally.