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Who is Colonel Ajay Ahlawat?? Veteran Colonel Ajay Ahlawat in a View – Colonel Dato Ajay Ahlawat – 16th Cavalry & 61st Cavalry. Here we are telling you all about Ex-Colonel Ajay Ahlawat, All incidents he faced in his whole career. Colonel Ajay Ahlawat got many achievements in his life. Ex-Colonel Ajay Ahlawat also awarded by Hind Rattan in 2009. He did many operations in his Army career. Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

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Rissala approach to – Live and Die by Colonel Ajay Ahlawat (Ajay Ahlawat)I’ve frequently considered what it is that makes individuals cheerful—what one needs to do with a specific end goal to accomplish satisfaction. 1-First and preeminent is great wellbeing. In the event that you hate great wellbeing, you can never be upbeat. Any infirmity, anyway inconsequential, will deduct something from your bliss. 2-A solid bank adjust. It require not

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How would you react if you were told than Ross London wooden camera that actor Dulquer Salmaan used to click the pictures of the first portfolio while enacting Ramaswamy albeit Gemini Ganesan, actually belonged to the legendary filmmaker? Would be amazed or simply awestruck? “But the fact remains that the Ross London wooden camera is definitely an antique camera, which was sourced from Hyderabad-based Faisal Ali Khan, an antique collector,

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We all as part of our school curriculum must have studied about solar energy talking about only eight minutes and 20 seconds to travel to earth. But what we all were not prepared for was the utilization of this energy. However, with technological advancements being made on a daily basis, we can say that India has never been this well prepared to receive this energy, as its now. Part of

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It was in the year 1796 when the East India Company decided to raise the first European-styled native/Indian cavalry regiment in the Army of Bengal. Well, that marked the birth of the modern-age Cavalry in the Indian Army. Back, then, India had been divided into three presidencies – Bengal, Bombay and Madras, and each had its own army. “Once the first cavalry was formed, it was followed by the formation

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Strange are the ways of nature. At a time when Sariska Tiger Reserve is trying its best to shed away the memories of the controversy, that witnessed the elimination of the entire tiger population belonging to the Tiger Reserve, with the birth of two cubs in April, this year, Rajasthan’s coveted Ranthambore National Park is mourning the death of two of sub-adult tigers. The two 13-months-old male tiger cubs were

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Colonel Ajay Ahlawat told that A polo institute spanning over 20 acres is all set to be developed at Heingang’s Marjing Hills of Imphal East, Manipur. The director of tourism, of the northeastern state – W Ibohal Singh has recently declared that the Manipur government is all set to build an eco-lodge, restaurant and a conference hall is already in process, while a detailed report with regards to the polo

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Ex-Colonel Ajay Ahlawat said that tiger population is on the rise at Sariska National Park and the authorities look all set to move ahead of the shameful wipeout of the entire tiger population that happened way back in 2005 It could be a moment for celebration the authorities of the Sariska National Park, which has been struggling to upkeep its tiger population. Located in Rajasthan’s Alwar district, the Sariska National

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The Castes of the Horses by Colonel Ajay Ahlawat Polo    This 1st horse is not afraid of falling into the water. When drinking, it dips its head up to the eyes. It is of the Brahmin caste and is worth having. It brings respect and prosperity but is of no use for war purposes. It would run away from the battlefield. The 2nd horse is afraid of entering the water

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Life and Fate: how the 1962 War tore a family by Neeharika Naidu blog by Colonel Ajay Ahlawat Polo Champion. Colonel Ajay Ahlawat said that this is not a new story. This story is not one looking for sympathy or pity, as all of these days have been left far behind. This is not a common story of the loss and desperation of a family but rather it is the story of a very brave