Who is Colonel Ajay Ahlawat???

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Who is Colonel Ajay Ahlawat??

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat File Photo

Veteran Colonel Ajay Ahlawat in a View – Colonel Dato Ajay Ahlawat – 16th Cavalry & 61st Cavalry.

Here we are telling you all about Ex-Colonel Ajay Ahlawat, All incidents he faced in his whole career. Colonel Ajay Ahlawat got many achievements in his life. Ex-Colonel Ajay Ahlawat also awarded by Hind Rattan in 2009. He did many operations in his Army career. Colonel Ajay Ahlawat did live fire test of bullet proof jackets in Indian Army. He went to foreign with Indian Army many times and made all operations very successful in his presence. He was very passionate about Indian Army from his childhood.


Colonel Ajay Ahlawat Biography –

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat Biography including family background, Military career profile, Awards & achievements in sports these are following –

Ajay Ahlawat Schooling & Family Background –

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat image

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat image

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat was born in Gochhi village in Rohtak, Haryana & completed his schooling from “The Punjab Public School”, Nabha, PunjabGreat grand father, Grand father & father of Ex-Colonel Ajay Ahlawat were all in Indian Army. The family has and continues to serve the Indian Army for last five generations. Father of Col Ajay Ahlawat was the Aide de camp for Mrs. Indra Gandhi, Former PM of India. Younger brother of Colonel Ajay Ahlawat, Colonel Vijay Ahlawat is still serving Indian Army.

Military Career Profile of Colonel Ajay Ahlawat –

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat joined Indian Army in 1989 and served till 2009. In 2009 he got retirement from Indian Army. During his duty Colonel Ajay Ahlawat operated & commanded troops in battle conditions in Sri Lanka, J&K, Punjab & RajasthanEx-Col Ajay Ahlawat had been training on battle tanks & was an instructor on armoured tank gunnary. Col Ahlawat had fired Missiles, Also trained in handeling & use Nuclear weapons. Colonel Ajay Ahlawat had been an instructor at the IAS training academy Mussorrie from 2001 to 2004. Colonel Ajay Ahlawat had incorporated & headed the Indian Army Mission Olympic Cell in Delhi for 3 years. Col Ahlawat had been a Polo & equestrian promotion officer for the state of Maharashtra, Gujarat & Goa for three years. Colonel Ajay Ahlawat trained in Unarmed/Armed combat & Bomb disposal, Flying Helicopters & light Aircraft.Revived polo and riding activity at Indian military academy, the RIMC, Dehradun, and Western Command Chandimandir.

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has been an active part of & led a number of Super Specialist Operations carried out in the interest of the nation.Colonel Ajay Ahlawat trained in Jungle and Mountain Warfare including extreme survival & camouflage. Being instructor at the guerrilla warfare school in Indonesia, (Kopassus), Attended the High Altitude Warfare school,(HAWS). Honorary Colonel of the Kopassus –Indonesian Army special forces and have trained them in the art of special operations missions, such as direct action, unconventional warfare, sabotage, counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism, and communications. Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has been visiting Instructor at the top Military training academies Sandhurst, Tidworth & SAM Missiles training centre -Pembrokeshire-Wales.

Awards for Colonel Ajay Ahlawat –

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat awarded  Hind Rattan in 2009. Awarded the title of DATO [SIR] by the Sultan of Johor, Malaysia in 2004. Colonel Ahlawat also appointed as president at  International Police Association for India & International Police Centre (INTERPOL) for India.Awarded by the State of Haryana for excellence in sports. Awarded the Special Honorary Award by the Commander in chief of the Indonesian commando forces (KOPASSUS) in 2005.

The officer has been awarded the prestigious Army Commanders Commendation card on three different occasions. The officer has been given the Rajasthan Pratibha Award by the Rajasthan govt for excellence in sports.

Achievements in Sports –

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has represented the country in over forty countries including America, United Kingdom, Switzerland, South Africa, Scotland, Jordan, Australia, Zimbabwe, Dubai, Poland, Abu Dhabi, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nepal, Italy, Argentina, France, Spain, Mexico, Turkeministan, China, Afganistan, Brazil, Austria, Hongkong, Morrocco, Vietnam, Korea etc.

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has played Polo on the private teams of H.H. Prince Charles, Sultan of Malaysia, Sultan of Brunei, Cartier, Rolex, Audi, Maserati, & other top companies for a number of years. Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has been awarded the most valuable Polo player on numerous occasions abroad. Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has represented the Indian Army and the Country since the 1989-till date. Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has been playing a member of the National team since 1991 until 2010. Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has represented the country in three-World cup championships, the only Indian army officer to achieve this distinction.

Four-time winner of the most prestigious trophy in India The President cup, Five-time winner of the Indian Open Polo Championship.

Have excelled in the field of golf, shooting, mountain climbing, rally driving, Paragliding, Hunting with the Falcons and training of dogs and horses. Master of daredevil riding, and has broken and trained over 200 horses for the specialized use of polo and Equestrian events. Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has played Polo on the private teams of H.H. Prince Charles, Sultan of Malaysia, Sultan of Brunei, Cartier, Rolex, Audi, Maserati, & other top companies for a number of years.

Businesses of Colonel Ajay Ahlawat –

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat is owner at Rissala Polo & Rissala Farms. Or we can say – Founder of the Rissala Polo Camp, located at Tiger Reserve-Sariska, Rajasthan. Founded & developed the first Indian organic cow dairy in Sariska, Over 1500 cows presently producing Appx 40,000 litres of milk daily thus supporting local villages in self-employment. & expanding to set up of another hi-tech organic milk from Desi cow dairy in Sariska.


Colonel Ajay Ahlawat Has been supporting India’s oldest NGO with Bharatpur Maharaja Vishvendra Singh – JEEVAN NIRMAN SANSTHAN-BHARATPUR for girl children & Specially-abled children, in existence since 1954. Colonel Ajay Ahlawat can speak, write or understand the following languages of Persian, Hindi, English, Punjabi, Bengali, Malay, Italian, Spanish.


RISSALA POLO & ORGANIC FARMS- Sariska – Karnal – Kufri – Plassey, Bengal – Nagaland & Meghalaya.

(Rissala – dictionary meaning- a group of disciplined armed, horse-mounted warriors)

We are a team of army officers/ Polo players/businessmen & most importantly friends, whose families have served the Indian army for over 5 generations & have represented the country internationally in over 90 countries and played for the country in 3 world cup polo championships. We as a team have got into progressive agriculture farming for the last 3 years and developed organic farms in Sariska – Karnal – Delhi & Kufri, and in the process of developing 8500 acres of top Agri land in Kolkata along with the most illustrious and respected family – The Khaitan’s, 1700 Acres of Organic land in Guhawati – Meghalaya with the Khasi Tribals and 500 acres of ginger with the Sema tribe warriors, with tribe leader & Minister Khekhao Sema as local partner.

Rissala farms in Delhi is spread over 15 acres, Sariska-200 acres, Karnal 300 privately owned & 1200 acres of leased land for 30 yrs, Kufri 30 acres and (Calcutta 8500 acres, Nagaland 500 acres & Meghalaya 1700 acres under process. We are in the process of setting up a silage business to cater to Appx 10,000 cows and a few selected dairy farms in India and for export purpose to UAE and Oman). We plant & produce high return organic crops like – Stevia, Aleovera, Lemongrass, Tulsi, maize for large silage purposes, & other organic products like Potatoes, Ginger, Maize, Wheat, Pulses, Rice, Sugarcane, Beetroot, Alfa-Alfa, vegetables on contract farming for national and international companies.

Fruit Orchids- We have also planted fruit & other important species of tree jungles where few acres of land is converted into jungles with various kinds of trees growing together in close proximity and fruit orchids. We have planted fruit tree orchid, mainly Guava, Lemons, Litchi, Papaya & Chikoo. we have earmarked 500 acres for this purpose. We have a dairy farm in Sariska spread over 120 acres producing organic milk to the tune of 40,000 litres every day and we sell the same under two brands – Rajdarbar & Rissala Organics (Premium brand). We also produce Cow Ghee, Curd, Organic Honey, and many other Agri products. Our second dairy is under development and will produce 10,000 litres of organic milk by Oct 2018.

Links to connecting with Colonel Ajay Ahlawat –

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